Income Tax

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Getting PAN​

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric code (ABCDE1234F) that acts as an identification for Indian nationals, especially those who pay Income Tax. It is issued by the Indian Income Tax Department under the supervision of the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT).

Getting TAN

In India, a Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) is a 10 digit alphanumeric number (ABCD12345E) issued to persons who are required to deduct or collect tax on payments made by them under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961

Filing of IT returns​

An income tax return is a document you file with the Internal Revenue Service or the state tax board reporting your income, profits, and losses of your business and other deductions as well as details about your tax refund or tax liability.

e-Filing of TDS returns​

Filling e-TDS return is compulsory for company and government deductor as per section 206 of Income-tax law.

Tax refunds​

The return of excess amounts of income tax that a taxpayer has paid to the state or government throughout the past year. In certain cases, taxpayers may even receive a refund if they owed no taxes, because certain tax credits are fully refundable.

Consultancy on Tax Planning & Savings​

Taxation is an extremely complex subject and needs professional skill of the highest order and the consultant has to keep track of frequent changes and modifications made in the Income tax rules from time to time to be able to guide aptly in tax planning, documentation and represent the cases skilfully.

Maintenance of IT records​

These guidelines were developed using the knowledge and background of subject matter experts and Records Management professionals. They are presented for your reference in establishing retention standards for your program records.